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New Mini DVD Available

For those of you who like watching your videos on a bigger screen than YouTube, we have a new three-inch mini-DVD available (for cheap!) over at The disc features full resolution, 48-khz/24-bit fidelity PCM audio (so its sounds real good!) and includes videos for "Dove" and "Not Dead, Not Dying" (by animator John Schnall, from our last CD "Stagger and Belligerence"). You can find the DVD and more info on how and why it came about at


Mixing on a bunch of new ing tracks will begin this month. And stay tuned for more news about Mark's new side project with John Ashfield which are in the pipeline to be released in the next few weeks.

Peace and Chocolate,

Mark and Sean

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New Song, New Video


Woo hoo! A new ing song is done and now available for your listening pleasure. It is called "Dove" and is possibly our most fully realized sound yet (strings! choirs! handclaps!). We could not have done it without the help of special friends (literally) across the country who helped on it. A new video for Dove (which we made ourselves -- thank you Mr. Jobs!) is also live on YouTube (see Sound and Vision link at your right). And there is much more to come. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Love and chocolate,

Mark and Sean (and everyone in the ing family)

.... music matters...

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Trees, Doves and other things


We just got the word that the network TV show "Men In Trees" (ABC) is using our song "Better Don't Do" in an upcoming episode for the new season (woo hoo!). We don't know exactly when it will air but it is supposed to be fairly soon.... when we find out we'll let you know.

Also, stay tuned for a new ing song called "Dove" to be released shortly (with a video we made!). It is complete and mastered, we're just getting onto the Net now.

More soon...


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Getting Caught Up!


Welcome to the world of all things ing. Much has occurred in the last few years but bottom line, there WILL be new ing related music happening. Soon! So, after a host server crash some 6 months ago here's an attempt to bring our news pages back up to date:

TV! "Better Don't Do" was used on The WB's Smallville (episode 318, season 3: Truth, and in the Jack and Bobby series. Nickelodeon has used some tracks too!
SM-Backplate_4x3_240.jpg SM318-GL-09_2x3_240.jpg

MOVIES! "Emory Down" made the final cut into the documentary "24 Hours on Craig's List." They needed pounding music to complement a fun band scene ... but the band there is not playing their own music -- we are!
dvd_cover.jpg ethel%20in%20craigslistmovie.jpg

BENEFITS! "Big Beautiful Dipper" is on the latest benefit CD for "Wine Women and Song" the great series organized by Susan Z in support of Breast Cancer research. Scroll down on the link for a photo of ing playing at WW&S at Sweetwater in Mill Valley, CA.

REVIEWS! We got a nice write up in Goldmine Magazine!

AWARDS! ing amazingly won yet another best of from the SF Bay Guardian in 2004 -- someone out there likes us so thanks!

QUEEN! Sean has rejunvinated his musical spirits playing fun periodic gigs with The Fat Bottom Girls (a Queen tribute of sorts). Great mad fun! Here are the guys in full splendor performing before about 1000 people at a private outdoor party in the Russian River. BTW, those guitarists are the great Doug Hilsinger ( and Patrick Goodwin from Pansy Division and Dirty Power (a great band which features former ing bassist Nick Ullman ) and Chris Xefos (King Missle, Moth Wranglers, etc.) on bass.

POP! POP! POP! Mark is collaborating with the great John Ashfield ( ex The Bobbleheads). The first fruits of their collaborations appear in John's fun new mini album called "Love is Blue." The tune "Johnny Mathis" in particular will be re-recorded in a more blown out and full sized version. Watch for some new single releases from John and Mark in the next few months.

THEATER! Mark has written a musical (!) now being recorded in his studio. Sean recorded vocals for three tracks for a key character. At the encouragement of both Sean and John Ashfield, Mark is tackling the lead voice. Mark IS, however, still seeking voices for several other characters (contact Mark at if you are interested in learning more about this recording opportunity).

JUKEBOXES! We're on the eCast digital Jukeboxes now so if you see 'em, be sure to play yer fave ing track!

BABIES! Andrew (bassist in the last incarnation of ing) moved to Petaluma where he now has two children with his lovely wife (and great singer!) Moniz.

SESSIONS! Lliam is still plugging away on various sessions.

Anyhow, continue onward to check out other parts of our website and past news items from around 2003 or so. Thanks for your love and support from all of us.

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